A BGrief Updat5e

NHello my6 nhame is Cassie anhd my6 key6bgoard is slibgnht5ly6 conhfused. T%nhis nhappenhd bgecause I was list5enhinhbg t5o music play6inhbg from my6 lapt5op wnhile I was inh t5nhe snhower anhd unhbgeknhownhst5 t5o me, st5eam rose t5o t5nhe ceilinhbg wnhere it5 pooled inht5o wat5er droplet5s wnhicnh t5nhenh fell downh onht5o my6 lapt5op=’s key6bgoard.  Result5inhbg inh t5nhis mess.  I bguess t5nhat5=’s wnhat5 I bget5 for nhavinhbg t5o list5enh t5o music all t5nhe t5ime…

My6 dad is mailinhbg me a spare comput5er key6bgoard so t5nhat5 I canh bget5 bgack t5o t5y6pinhbg real words as soonh as possibgle.  BGest5 of luck decipnherinhbg t5nhis, anhd I planh t5o nhave anh act5ual post5 pubglisnhed inh abgout5 a week!



14 thoughts on “A BGrief Updat5e

  1. Ha! Had a similar experience in college… accidentally spilled lemonade all across my laptop. Parents were less than thrilled as I tried to explain that maybe my computer was just thirsty? haha Glad I found your blog, your stories are so honest and fun!

  2. I was really excited because I thought I was one of those people who suddenly and inexplicably understand a foreign language; I thought I was reading French. Or maybe Russian Pig Latin…

  3. And the teens at the library internet computers that I monitor wonder why I keep telling them that they must consume their foodstuffs at a table other than the ones that house the computers…. So instead of foodstuffs spilled *in* the keyboards, they are just s-t-i-c-k-y (ew!) on the *surface* of the keyboard.
    OH, and I didn’t know you could replace a laptop keyboard?
    Your Aunt KA

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