Cassie’s Believe It Or Not: Strangest Meals

This blog may be many things, but a nutrition guide is not one of them.

I’ve attended multiple nutrition talks during high school and college, so I know exactly what I should eat and in what quantities to eat it.  There are just some days where I have no desire to use this education and prepare a well-balanced meal for myself.  So without further ado, here are the Top 10 strangest meals I’ve resorted to so far.  If you can even call them meals…

10) Frozen yogurt

Sometimes none of the restaurants near campus sound appealing, so I miraculously find myself at the local self-serve fro yo place, banging my cardboard cup on the counter to settle the yogurt it’s already overflowing with, so I can then load it up with more toppings.  I do put fruit and granola in there, so it sorta counts as healthy…

9) Pork-filled pierogies with marinara sauce, and an iced chai tea latte

I’m pretty much addicted to chai, so that’s a given.  I bought the pierogies (Polish dumplings) from a farmer’s market in my neighborhood, and I was really excited to try them, but I felt like they needed some sort of sauce to really bring out their full flavor.  Perhaps they do, but marinara is NOT it. 

8) A glass of milk

Is milk the drink of champions? Yes. Is it satisfying at literally any time of day or night? Yes. Am I a recovering gallon-a-day milkaholic? Yes. 

7) Scrambled eggs and a leftover piece of Black Magic cake

Ok, this is actually a very common breakfast for my family – we like to say the cake takes the place of a pastry or Pop Tart.  Never mind that this cake is more decadent and wonderful than ANY pastry or dessert you have EVER tasted in your WHOLE LIFE.  (If you’ve never made it, here is the recipe. Top it generously with chocolate buttercream frosting. Your happiness and productivity and general wellbeing will skyrocket after eating.)

6) Beef jerky, half a blueberry bagel, Garden Salsa Sun Chips, and a fruit leather

This was the lunch I packed and took to classes (in an adorable pink lunch box) four days a week last fall quarter.  I got some weird looks from classmates while I chowed down.

5) Honey Nut Cheerios

This is my go-to!!!!! Actually any bowl of cereal.

4) Chocolate milk and a prepackaged olive and cheese cup

Both were purchased from the unappetizing food stand outside my biology classroom – coming to class straight from practice makes you desperate.  The subtle, complementary flavor profiles of the olives and cheese were obliterated by the chocolate milk.

3) Chips and salsa, four chocolate-covered almonds, and four raspberries

This is the result of rummaging through the fridge and cupboards and realizing I only bought snacks during my last grocery run.  The salsa must be Herdez verde, the almonds must be from Trader Joe’s, and the raspberries must be free of mold.

2) Two glasses of sweet tea, two cheesy sugar biscuits, and three bites of beef brisket

This was a classic case of overdosing on drinks and appetizers at a BBQ restaurant before the actual meal came.  Interesting fact: the sweet tea had so much sugar in it that some of the sugar floated UNDISSOLVED in my glass.  I drank till I began to feel nauseous.

1) A bowl of shredded mozzarella cheese and two chocolate graham crackers

I can’t even…

If you have any tips to share regarding meals (strange or otherwise) that could replace some of the above, please comment below.



Tune in next week as I continue the journey to rediscover my love of writing.  Sneak peek: I’ll be taking a break from writing about myself to share some of my parents’ best stories.


9 thoughts on “Cassie’s Believe It Or Not: Strangest Meals

    • This is fantastic! Boiled eggs are the BEST and chocolate chip cookies are a staple, of course. Not gonna lie though, the very thought of jalapeno jelly terrifies me… Is it as spicy as I’m imagining?

      • Well, Tabasco makes a mild one too. I love jalapeños, but the thought of jalapeño jelly just sounded sick. I have had it I my pantry since July and I finally got the nerve to try it. In a word: Amazing.

    • Ok I hate coffee too, but I promise you can’t even taste it in the cake! It just makes it richer somehow… Hmm good question – maybe I like even numbers more than I realized? Usually I just try to limit myself to a small number so that I don’t eat my entire supply in one sitting 🙂

  1. I agree that Herdez makes the only halfway decent prepared salsa out there. If I’m not making my own, I’m dipping my chips in theirs.

    Just last week, I had tongue tacos. Would that count?

  2. You do know that your grandparents Ronda eat Honey Nut Cheerios (with Grapenuts, strawberries, bananas and walnuts) EVERY morning….
    And for me… oh there are many strange meals, but here’s my coffee routine:

    Grind two scoops of coffee beans. put in cloth filter (that I just keep rinsing out after use), and while water is heating, prepare my special creamer recipe:
    In a glass measuring cup- mix 1 tsp. raw turbinado sugar, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk, a little real almond extract (sometimes vanilla). Heat this 30 seconds in the microwave, stir, and heat 30 more seconds. Pour into 24 oz. coffee mug, Then pour the heated water through the filter until there is no more room in the mug. Sometimes it takes longer than others to make the coffee. Depends on how well I cleaned my filter. I know I should just break down and get a new one, but….

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