The List

Back when I published this post, I said I would begin to build a list of what I love about life.  A strange variety of objects, images, and moments have found their way onto that list in the months since, so perhaps it is time they had a blog post of their own:

I love the way light dazzles off of water droplets on a window.

I love how the brown sugar on my bowl of Wheat Chex melts away when milk is poured over it.

I love when my brain finally decides to grant my body a night of dreamless sleep (this is rare).  On these nights, I embrace the much-needed respite from thought, conscious or otherwise, and relinquish all sense of time or place.  I love the feeling of being cocooned in sheets, which leads me to wonder: if I were a caterpillar, would I trade a future existence as a butterfly if I were given the opportunity to remain in my cozy cocoon forever?  

I love watching people grow up.

I LOVE stories.  I fully believe that “story-truth is truer sometimes than happening-truth,” as Tim O’Brien wrote.

I love music – love it in a desperate way, as if there is some song or album out there that would actually change my life, if I could only find it.  Or as if my favorite songs will cease to exist if I forget to listen to them for a while.  I love the way lyrics like “You are in the sea beside me” make my heart rise into my throat.  I love hearing my siblings whistle the guitar riff from “Do I Wanna Know?” while they wash dishes.  I love when my mom tries to describe what “In the Air Tonight” sounded like with Phil Collins playing that drum fill at a live concert.  

I love the final words of A Tale of Two Cities.  

I love raspberries.  To me, they are the adorably pudgy toddlers of the fruit world.  I love the color “raspberry red.”  I love the tiny yellow fuzz that you can see sticking out crazily from the berries’ surface when you look closely.  

I love the feeling of a car driving on and on underneath me as I doze off in the passenger seat.  

I love TV shows that make me laugh out loud, even if I happen to be watching them by myself…

I love the warmth that comes from holding a small baby and feeling its hiccupy breathing.

I love my chaotic mental reading technique: seeing all the words at once, recognizing them immediately, calling up visual associations in milliseconds, reading forwards and backwards like an oscillating spring, so that by the time I reach the last sentence, I have already perceived its words several times but am just now adding them to the context of what came before.

I love walking just to walk, biking just to bike, or driving just to drive.  Rollerblading, too!

I love questions that are driven by the purest curiosity and rooted in a desire to learn – the questions that evince both the hope that some things can be truly known and the ability to accept those that must remain a mystery.

And now I wonder: what do you love about life?