My Story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an insatiable desire to tell stories – preferably stories that draw laughter from my audience.  At the age of 14, I begged my dad to let me start a blog (originally on another site) so that I could share my top ten lists, humorous mishaps, and rambling thoughts with the world.

I’ve blogged off and on for over a decade now, and while a lot has happened to that 14-year-old girl, two things that have never changed are my love of writing and the joy I get from telling a good story.  The shenanigans detailed in this blog so far range from utterly random events (squirrel attacks and the inexplicable loss of my sense of smell), to circumstances that would have proved very difficult to live through unless I had been able to find humor in them (tearing my ACL and exploding my finger).

I write new posts when seasons of life allow it, and I’ve developed a penchant for sharing stories from people I meet in addition to sharing my own. I hope you get some joy from reading, because I certainly enjoy writing when I get the chance. 


Note: in case you are wondering why I don’t blog as often as I apparently did in December of 2013, it’s because all of those posts are some favorites I deposited here from my previous blog site. I will never ever write 21 posts in one month. Probably.


9 thoughts on “My Story

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  4. I have just found your blog, and am very happy to note that at least someone else out there has created a blog (seemingly very successful from my short account) that sounds like some of my every day life experiences; or so I like to think. Thank you for being awesome and for the inspiration!

  5. I just found you from the “How to Name your Blog” post and boy was I glad to be able to follow the breadcrumb trail (yeah I was read one too many editions of Hansel and Gretal in my youth!) back to your actual blog! You are hysterical. Additionally, anyone who likes (and creates!) great puns (plus uses alliteration – – love your tag line!) is someone I definitely NEED to follow!

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